Songs in the Key of Freelance

For that time when the editor kills the story (with no kill fee) after you’ve worked on it for a week and writes you a terse note about how you need to focus more.

For the end-of-the-quarter stock-taking where you once again resolve to buckle down and get serious about identifying new revenue streams.

When a website editor asks you to write for free because you’ll be getting “great exposure.”

When someone offers you a freebie you want but probably shouldn’t take.

When you’re sending your second follow-up invoice.

When you get that 50-cents-a-word assignment.

When you get that $2-a-word assignment.

4 Replies to “Songs in the Key of Freelance”

    1. Thanks. Must credit my 17-year-old with “Thrift Shop” choice. Which she now regrets since I go around the house singing, “I’m going to pop some tags,” in a rich baritone.

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