Happy New Year!

Yes, it has been a while. If you look at my projects page you may be able to see why. I’ve been really quite busy. But I’ve missed my tiny corner of the internet and this being the beginning of a new decade and so forth I decided to take a look at my desk diary to see what was going on a year ago and whether that inspired.

Let us not discuss the time and effort it took to remember my website login and the various passwords needed.

I think a lot of us have felt that 2019 wasn’t the greatest so I wanted to see what my hopes and dreams were last January and how they fared.

Here were my goals:

  • A really relaxing summer vacation. (Alone?)
  • One overseas trip (Prague? Buenos Aires?)
  • (I’m a wee bit embarrassed by this one but will include for authenticity’s sake) Keep moving and try to get back to 140 lbs
  • No free overtime!!

Reader, I scored 4 out of 4.

Not only did I get away to the beach (Aruba) for a pretty great tropical getaway—With the family! Not alone!— I also spent a lot of time on the California coast. I had some days in Bodega Bay and Santa Cruz, where the sun actually shone and the temperature crept above 70 F, which is rare, and also spent a somewhat frigid but still enjoyable week at Lake Tahoe. (I probably should have blogged about the whole nude beach experience.)

I took big trips not once but thrice, to Aruba as noted and also London and Lisbon, which were both amazing. (I did post a few things on IG.) Prague and Buenos Aires are still on my list and I’ve been given to understand that Vienna waits for me.

Much of this travel took place on comp time I dutifully recorded during crunch times and redeemed in the slack, which was quite frankly brilliant and I am mad at myself for ever not doing this. (In a very self-loving, self-supporting kind of way, naturally.)

The weight thing is fairly bogus and says more about me than I would like but yes, I did drop a few, largely after I made a big change, which I may write more on later. (Remember my tagline used to be Wine. Food. Travel. Laundry? Yeah, these days it’s pretty much Food. Travel. Laundry.)

So, bottom line: 2019 was actually a lot better than I thought. My goals were also good and I shall leave them more or less unchanged for 2020 with one addition

  • Connect more.

What about you? Does your 2019 list bear re-reading? Did you even have one? Got one for 2020?