`Train’ track at Shafer Vineyards

Kendall-Jackson isn’t the only winery getting face-time on camera. Hot on the heels of KJ president Rick Tigner’s appearance on  “Undercover Boss,” we have Shafer Vineyards starring in a new music video “Drive By,” from Train.

(Is this the part where I admit I had to Google “Train” “band” “hit” “songs” and then said, “Oh, they’re the ones that did  ‘Hey, Soul Sister?”” Yeah? OK, then. Don’t judge. I know a lot about ABBA.)

The important thing is that Train’s new song, about a guy who has a fling with a winery hospitality host and then goes back to woo her properly with a Romeo-style balcony scene, is shot largely at Shafer Vineyards in the Napa Valley. And the place looks great, from the sun-bathed terrace to the fabulous views of vine covered slopes.

The 18-hour day of filming took place on Jan. 15, one of Northern California’s many sunny winter days this year There was apparently a sad lack of rock star diva-dom since Doug Shafer says they had a great time with the band and production team and “we could not have asked for a nicer group of people to show up and create so much fun chaos.”

If you have ever visited Shafer, you will get a kick out of seeing the winery showcased this way. And even if you haven’t, what’s not to like about a sunny day in wine country at one of the Napa Valley’s elegant estates?

By the way, it may interest you to know that the wine in the glasses is in most cases Shafer Merlot. Yum. And the grapes the singer and his sweetheart stomp are 600 lbs of red grapes from Chile. I cannot imagine being the person making that purchase.

After filming, the mushed grapes were tossed into the vineyard as mulch and proved to be a huge hit with area birds.

I have no idea what the wine industry’s next starring role will be. But if anyone’s looking to buy the rights to the dramatic story of a reporter who covers the wine industry ….

Cheers, telegenically.

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