Drew Barrymore, wine-starter

The wine-drinking world is made up of three kinds of people. Those who think the idea of a Drew Barrymore wine is just peachy; those who wouldn’t be caught dead, dead, drinking Drew Barrymore wine. And me,  whose first thought on getting a sample bottle (which came with a delightful little handwritten note) was, hmmm, can I get a blog post out of this?

Barrymore’s first wine is an Italian pinot grigio made by the Decordi Winery from grapes grown in the northeast corner of Italy. Pinot grigio is generally considered a rather bland varietal, but this wine defies that stereotype with a zippy, fresh profile.

Here’s my take.

Barrymore Pinot Grigio 2011: A charmer from the get-go, the bottle gleams palely green with a handsome label emblazoned with a B in the style of a family crest. Not much of an aroma, although some peaches/apricots if you sniff hard enough. Taste-wise it delivers a lemony, tart punch that could probably stand up to an ice cube or two on a hot afternoon, always a plus for a summer sipper. Alcohol is on the moderate side at 12 percent. Suggested price is $19.99, which is not outrageous, but a little bit out of the everyday range. A fun wine to take to a party or serve at a movie night dinner. Goes well with Italian food, especially dishes on the light and creamy side.

What movie to watch? Well Ms. Barrymore has quite the eclectic oeuvre, from E.T. to Grey Gardens. Or, if you want to broaden the choices to the family in general _ and feel like having your heart broken _ there’s her paternal grandfather, John Barrymore, as a tragically washed-up actor in Dinner at Eight  or as a light-fingered and ill-fated baron in Grand Hotel. A little popcorn, a little pinot gris, a lot of Kleenex … sounds like a plan to me.

Cheers, thespian-ly.



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  1. I love this wine and agree it is out the day to day price range I hope it comes down just a tad. Right now it is a treat for once and awhile

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