Nick Offerman, distiller

Do you like whisky? I like whisky.

You know who else likes whisky? Nick Offerman.

The mustachioed Ron Swanson of “Parks and Recreation” has taken to YouTube a time or two to demonstrated his affection for the water of life.

In his latest outing, Offerman visits one of my favorite places in the world, the Isle of Skye, where he discovers that opening a distillery isn’t the simplest task in the world.

Nick, I feel like we’re on first-name terms having so much in common and all, sent me an email about the venture.

Dear Extremely Important Beverage Writer,

As a man who cares deeply for others, I’ve always enjoyed giving people whisky, and as a human with great taste, I’ve always enjoyed drinking it. In my valiant effort to do both, I have decided to open my own whisky distillery on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

The Offerman Distillery will be dedicated to producing only the finest single malt whiskies and delivering this nectar of the gods to the public, but I need your help.

Will you celebrate with me on World Whisky Day [held each May] and help make my #OffermanDistillery dreams come true by watching and sharing my mission with the masses?

OK, I may have fudged on the salutation a bit.

As you know, I visited Skye last year and had a tremendous time. Offerman made his video with the help of the island’s only distillery, Talisker, producers of a very good whiskies—I’m quite partial to Talisker Storm.

But he’s not just a one-malt man. A couple of years ago he posted a “yule log” video in which he sits by a crackling fire and sips Lagavulin. For 45 minutes.

Lagavulin hails from Islay, the island famous for its heavily peated whiskies.

I’m not saying you have to sit through all 45 minutes, but I do recommend taking a look at the Top Comment by Left4Donut, which provides truly insightful commentary.

A sample:

10:25 This time, he looks at the glass THEN lifts it to take a sip. He is truly a master of his art. Yet again, it is delicious.

12:44 After some contemplation, the glass is moved to the knee as if to suggest a sense of sexual tension. It’s working.

15:13 The glass is moved back to the armrest perhaps to suggest that you have no game with this man. Clearly the knee was just a tease.


Cheers, spiritedly.